Our Philanthropic Partners

STORIES FROM THE INSIDE is a philanthropic initiative.

The film and study guide is available as a free resource to all secondary schools in Australia.

DVD copies can be purchased through Doin' Time, an initiative of the Port Phillip Prison Youth Unit.  Profits from sales are donated by the unit inmates to the charities of their choice.

Shark Island Productions and Igniting Change with the support of The Caledonia Foundation, Virgin Unite and a number of other philanthropic partners have all contributed towards the funding of the film and its education, outreach and community engagement program.

You can read about Port Phillip Prison in the Production Team tab. 

Contact the Impact Producer by email (ariellagery at sharkisland.com.au)  

Igniting Change

Igniting Change (formerly Pilotlight Australia, based in Melbourne) is a purposely tiny charity sparking ideas, alliances and resources for social change. They are passionate about giving a voice to people who often don't have one, and creating a bridge between people who need help and those in a position to give it. Igniting Change has catalysed many new initiatives in Port Phillip Prison’s Youth Unit including Doin’ Time, Toll Second Step and STORIES FROM THE INSIDE.

Shark Island Productions

Shark Island Productions is an award-winning, independent documentary production company based in Sydney. We aim to educate, entertain and make a significant social impact with our films. We create extensive education, outreach and community engagement campaigns to raise awareness and make a difference. Shark Island builds strategic partnerships with foundations, philanthropists and not for profit organisations to connect with a broader audience and bring about sustainable social change. Our film credits include PAUL KELLY - STORIES OF METHE SOLDIERPOLLY AND MEWALL BOYTHE OASISIN THE COMPANY OF ACTORSALONE ACROSS AUSTRALIA, and WOODSTOCK FOR CAPITALISTS. We are currently making the feature length documentary OUR LITTLE GARDEN.

The Caledonia Foundation

The Caledonia Foundation is a private philanthropic foundation which seeks to make a significant, sustainable difference to the lives and wellbeing of young Australians through creative community partnerships. We aim to maximise our philanthropic impact by focusing on projects and people that offer leveraged, sustainable solutions to social issues or problems that might otherwise be overlooked. 

Virgin Unite

Virgin Unite is the non-profit foundation of the Virgin Group.We unite great people and entrepreneurial ideas, reinventing how we live and work to make people's lives better. We believe business can and must be a force for good in the world - and that this is also good for business! For more information, visit www.virginunite.org (visit website).