This Guide uses the film STORIES FROM THE INSIDE to explore topics and provides activities in the following subject areas: English, Legal Studies, Media Studies, Civics and Citizenship, Psychology.



You may also like to read the statements from inmates, producers and youth development officer at Port Phillip Prison in the FILM tab.

Download THE REPORT Inside Stories


Inside Stories, a new report by social researcher, Stephanie Exton, has concluded that reducing the recidivism rate of young adult offenders is an imperative to tackling Australia’s exploding prison population.

This report was commissioned by Shark Island Productions as an adjunct to the documentary film STORIES FROM THE INSIDE, a film created and produced by the young men in the Youth Unit at Port Phillip Prison.  At the heart of both the documentary film and the report are the thoughts and ideas of the young men who are themselves in prison.

The report gives background to current trends in imprisonment in Australia and highlights the achievements of the Youth Unit at Port Phillip Prison.