Shark Island Productions

Shark Island Productions is an award-winning, independent documentary production company based in Sydney. We aim to educate, entertain and make a significant social impact with our films. We create extensive education, outreach and community engagement campaigns to raise awareness and make a difference. Shark Island builds strategic partnerships with foundations, philanthropists and not for profit organisations to connect with a broader audience and bring about sustainable social change. Our film credits include PAUL KELLY - STORIES OF METHE SOLDIERPOLLY AND MEWALL BOYTHE OASISIN THE COMPANY OF ACTORSALONE ACROSS AUSTRALIA, and WOODSTOCK FOR CAPITALISTS. We are currently making the feature length documentary OUR LITTLE GARDEN.

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Igniting Change

Igniting Change (formerly Pilotlight Australia, based in Melbourne) is a purposely tiny charity sparking ideas, alliances and resources for social change. They are passionate about giving a voice to people who often don't have one, and creating a bridge between people who need help and those in a position to give it. 

Igniting Change has catlysed financial, in kind and expertise support from business leaders, philanthropists and employees who have come to visit the prison with us. Through these discussions and visits, programs such as Doin' Time have been born; a small T shirt printing business with each of the Prisoners taking an active role. Thriving with the support of Igniting Change's network of businesses, individuals and philanthropists over 10,000 T Shirts have been printed and $120,000 of revenue donated to charities chosen by the inmates.

After taking the CEO of the Toll Group, on of Australia's largest logistic companies to visit the Unit, the flagship Second Step Employment program was expanded, with Toll regularly taking young men from the Unit into guaranteed employment on their release from Prison, with a retention rate of 95%, a win-win situation.

The latest exciting program catalysed by Igniting Change is STORIES FROM THE INSIDE, a documentary about a made in conjunction with the award winning team at Shark Island Productions, filmed, edited and directed by a group of prisoners inside the Youth Unit who have been motivated to tell their stories, and collectively we have given them a voice. 

Port Phillip Correctional Centre

A maximum security prison located at Laverton Victoria Australia. The prison is privately run on behalf of Corrections Victoria. The prison is separated into sixteen accommodation units including a youth unit generally for young adult inmates aged 18-25. Port Phillip retains specialist accommodation for prisoners with physical and intellectual disabilities, medical services and specialist, management and security units.

Port Phillip replaced Pentridge Prison when it closed in 1997. The prison is the largest in Victoria with over 850 beds.

The aim of the Youth Unit is to reduce the risk of suicide and self harm by addressing the unique developmental and environmental needs of young offenders (18 – 25 years).  The management of Port Phillip Prison recognises if young offenders spend a lot of time with adult offenders, there is increased risk of failing to successfully develop their own self identity. Their own development suffers and they tend to adopt problematic cognitive and behavioural patterns from inappropriate role models without making any insightful decisions for themselves.  They are frequently subjected to gross abuse by adult offenders and become pawns in the hands of manipulative and destructive older offenders. Therefore, a holistic approach was identified as ensuring that the opportunities for positive behaviour and identity development are maximized, and the incidence of self harming behaviour is minimized. 


To reduce the risk of suicide and self-harm within the population of young offenders.
To identify factors contributing to offending behaviour.
To provide a positive and supportive environment where meaningful change can occur.
To enhance the young person’s ability to effectively manage his life without re-offending.

The Youth Unit today remains focused on responding to the developmental needs of young offenders. In support of Port Phillip Prison mission to reduce the risk of suicide and self harm, it provides several programs in response to its strong rehabilitation focus and goal of emulating a treatment community.  Within Port Phillip Prison, the Youth Unit is also known as the Penhyn Unit.  It currently caters for 35 prisoners at any one time aged between 18 and 25 years.  All prisoners are housed in single cells.

This is where the film STORIES FROM THE INSIDE was made.

The Director of the Youth Unit, Anne Hooker, has developed a number of programs designed to give the young men opportunities to change their behaviour, learn new skills, develop self-esteem and give them a greater chance of an independent life when they leave prison.

Some of these these initiatives include: DOIN' TIME - a T-shirt printing and embroidery business, TOLL SECOND STEP - a training post release supported employment program, and STORIES FROM THE INSIDE - a documentary made by the inmates. Since 2005 these programs have been made possible by the generous support of charitable organisations together with their philanthropic and corporate partners.