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Serving Time is a ground–breaking program created and managed by inmates of the Penhyn Youth Unit at Victoria’s Port Phillip Prison.

As part of a small business education program, our aim is to develop our personal skills, to not only to reduce the risk of re-offending, but also assist us in becoming positive and productive members of the community.

Serving Time Background
Before production began the Serving Time team had to decide on a product to manufacture. Over many meetings we discussed the limitations of some products and had come up with a viable option. Our team then conducted market research which was confined to phone calls to partners, family, friends and prison officers. All of our research pointed to a black long sleeve tee shirt being a popular option this year.

Once we had held another meeting to finalise the black long sleeve tee’s, we faced another hurdle. Suppliers were then contacted over many letters, phone calls and emails. Bonds agreed they would assist us. It was back to the meeting room for the whole team to agree and consider prices, and negotiate with the suppliers. Finally we had shirts on the way.

Upon delivery of the shirts we did a count and inspected them for any flaws. Before manufacturing begins we had to decide on shirt and logo colour combinations.

The shirts are manufactured using screen printing, after being printed the shirts are then dried and baked. Once ready they are inspected again, pressed and have the swing tags attached ready for packaging. They are then counted, boxed and ready for sale.

Shirts are then dispatched to our retail stores and to our customers who have sent in order forms.

All in all it takes at least a week upon receiving the shirts before they are read for retail sale. The Serving Time team would like to thank their sponsors and customers for their valued support in the program and our product.